The annual game jam where you create a Lost Cartridge Game.

What is the Lost Cartridge Jam?

The Lost Cartridge Jam is an annual game jam where game designers, writers, composers, programmers and other creatives from all over the world spend 72 hours creating a Lost Cartridge Game from scratch!

A Lost Cartridge Game is a game that's been designed to embody the unique gameplay formulas of vintage games, and stylized to look like one too. It's a game that looks and plays like it might've been lost in a drawer for decades only to be rediscovered in the present day.

The game jam is arranged by Astrojone - a game design studio and community that promotes Lost Cartridge Design. This purpose of this game jam is to encourage more people to try to create Lost Cartridge Games.

The jam begins on Dec 4 at 00:10 UTC (Dec 3 at 7:10 PM EST)!

How it works


The winner will receive the official digital trophy ribbon, their name in the Lost Cartridge Jam hall of fame, and these retro-styled games:

More prizes may be added throughout the jam.

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Want to know what the official rules are? Here are the specifics:

  • Preparation Choose a platform that was released before the year 2000, and plan out an idea for a game that's supposed to look and/or feel like it was released on that platform. It helps to analyze other games from that platform for gameplay- and aesthetic ideas. You can form a team if you want to. Also, keep things SFW.
  • Development Once the game jam start has been announced, you're free to start developing your game. From that point on you have 72 hours to finish and submit it. You're free to use third party assets, but the game will be judged only on originally created content. Be sure that you have permission to use any third party assets, and that you credit their authors accordingly! Also be sure to include a text file listing any third party assets used.
  • Submission You must submit your game to the game jam-page before the deadline. Make sure that you have either an embedded browser build or a self-contained Windows 10-compatible build that can run without additional dependencies.
  • Judgement The games will all be judged by a panel of retro game designers and vintage gaming persons based on the categories "Quality of Design", "Quality of Aesthetics", "Adherence to Platform" and "Going the Extra Mile". The categories are weighed equally on a scale of "modest", "satisfying" and "outstanding". The decision will be based only on original content, even though third party assets are allowed. Judging can take up to several weeks depending on how many games that have been submitted.
  • Legal We reserve the right to change any aspect of this jam if necesssary, for instance in order to resolve unforseen issues. The prizes are given out at our own discretion and volition and are not to be seen as payment or compensation for any submitted games.

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